grounding opening

I recently facilitated a board meeting for a non-profit who needed an outside facilitator (as we can all use an outside facilitator now and again).  I had set out my personal goals for my facilitation, one of which was to to embody my trust of the group and their ability to work through and with their conflict.  It was time to move onto choosing an opening grounding activity.  I pulled out idea after idea for how to ground the group, getting more and more complicated.  I looked at my list of possibilities, looked at my list of goals and realized that I could trust the group to ground itself.  Instead of asking the group to do an elaborate grounding activity, I opened with a request for people to introduce themselves and share one thing they do to ground themselves.  I could trust that people know how to ground themselves.  By inviting them to share this self-knowledge I began the conversation in a way that built more trust in themselves, in the group, and with me.


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