Mutual Invitation

The other day I had a chance to try out a new facilitation tool, called Mutual Invitation. I was fortunate enough to learn about this new tool in a book by Eric Law, The Wolf Shall Dwell with the Lamb.

This tool is a replacement for a whip around or a popcorn way of getting everyone to speak to the topic at hand.  To use this tool, the first person speaks to the topic and then chooses the next person to speak.  If the person who is chosen does not want to speak to the topic, they may pass and then choose the next person to speak.  This will continue until everyone has had an opportunity to respond.  If this tool is used with this group in the future, then the person who was invited to speak last will be the first person to speak the next time.

When I used this tool it showed itself to be even more inclusive,effective, and fun than I could have imagined.  It turned a group that stares at one another in silence, to one that was excited to accept the invitations to speak from one another.  This flexible tool is definitely something I will be using again and again.


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