Working with semi-intact groups

I am currently working in Kosovo this week with a semi-intact group.  Some of the people work in the same office together, some on the same projects, some work in a lose network that occasionally collaborates together, some have been in these trainings before, some have been in the trainings with me before, some are here for all four days, some are here for 2.5 days, and some fit into some, all, or none of these categories.  This makes for an amazingly unique set of group dynamics.

Intact groups, like an office community, have such wonderful dynamics!  I know going in that most groups have a defined sense of where they fit into the group and I get to work with that sense to provide opportunities to expand and re-arrange that image for the sake of group and individual learning.

New groups that have never been together before have a different set of wonderful dynamics.  I like to think of this set as “at first sight polite.”  They don’t know their sense of where they fit in into this set of new individuals and I get to work to provide safety for the group to form in order to foster individual and group learning.

This semi-intact group is so different from both of those groups, and of course it is has the same the principles.  We need safety to learn, to grow.  It is harder to create safety when the edges of who we are as a group is constantly on the move.  This week, I get to make pockets of safety and moments of expansion.  And it is a super fun challenge!


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